IG is losing weight so he is working very hard – Buhari

Buhari said the IG loss of weight means he is working very hard on insecurities.

On the arrival of President Muhammadu Buhari from the UK visit back to Nigerian, he was asked by a reporter on tackling insecurity in the country.

The reporter asked “are we likely to see a different approach in the fight against insecurity, especially kidnapping, which is a big issue now?”

The President said, “you know, I have just seen the IG, he is… I think he is losing weight; so, I think he is working very hard”.

Many Nigerians are very angry at the President’s response for taking such crucial matter for joke.

Sowore a Human Activist and former Nigeria Presidential candidate blasted Buhari for such statements, he said: “I think the President has lost it. His reaction is at variance with the gravity of the insecurity in the country”.

Oby Ezekwesili, former Nigerian Minister of Education and former presidential candidate also accused the president for making jokes out of the country insecurity.

Some of other Nigerians response to the President comment on social media:

@oddminers : In Nigeria when U lose weight you are working hard. Same mentality most of us use in our daily lives. If we don’t sweat in the work or job, U ain’t doing nothing. Sweating and weight loss is the yardstick for hard work. Learnt something new 😂

@Rjay_omale: Amidst all the killings and kidnappings Buhari still makes jokes. IGP is loosing weight so IGP is working??
It just tells something about Buhari himself.

Oby Ezekwesili withdrawn from the 2019 presidential race…

Oby Ezekwesili withdrawn from the 2019 presidential race…

The presidential candidate of the Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN) Obiageli Ezekwesili on Thursday 24th January withdrawn from the 2019 presidential race.

She said this decision was taken based on consultations and discussions with Nigerians home and Diaspora. Her spokesman Ozioma Ubabukoh said “This decision followed extensive consultations with leaders from various walks of life across the country over the past few days. I deem it necessary for me to focus on helping to build a veritable coalition to ensure a viable alternative to the #APCPDP in the forthcoming elections”.

Ezekwesili was quoted as saying: “It is my ardent belief that this broad coalition for a viable alternative has now become more than ever before, an urgent mission for and on behalf of Nigerian citizens. I have therefore chosen to lead the way in demonstrating the much needed patriotic sacrifice for our national revival and redirection”.

“We have no right to allow citizens give in to despair. We will #Fight4Naija together and prove to all that the mess, which the political class has now become, should not be allowed to destroy our spirits and nation. We are also determined to ensure that the message keeps resonating that our beloved country deserves better, and that we
will get the best that we deserve.”

She also said “From last year, when I joined the presidential race, I made it clear to Nigerians that the country has always had a 20-year cycle of change – 1958, 1979, and 1999. As such, 2019 begins another 20-year cycle, and together with all Nigerians of good will, I stand ready to play my part to ensure that we do not miss this golden opportunity to sing a new song. There is no more time to waste. Let’s get to work!”

However, Ms Ubabukoh appreciated Nigerians, including campaign donors and volunteers, who supported Mrs Ezekwesili, saying that “every money donated to the campaign and funds spent will be accounted for in the coming days.”