How to know when you are being used in a relationship

Some of the selfish acts of your partner in your relationship that you need to look out for.

Most people easily get carried away in their relationship due to deep love they express to their partner. Don’t be fool,  it’s not bad to show the extent of love you have for your partner but be wise.

Many have taken the advantage of their partner to hurt them, and the other partner find it difficult to quit.

The following are some of the symptoms that you are being used by your partner in the relationship. When he keeps giving the same excuse and a lie after another. Find more below:

  • When you are always the one giving :

If it happens that you are the sole giver in your relationship, then check it again, something is not right. The giving suppose to reciprocate itself, no matter how little it might be. Gifts is an expression of honouring one’s personality, and if you are the one who always give and get nothing in return, that means you are less valued.

  • Your opinions are always not considered:

When you are positive about a relationship and your opinions are not always taken, then the relationship has no future. In a relationship, every contribution need to be weigh and cogent reasons should be given for not taking an option. However, when it happens that your views are always considered as nonsense like you are a dullard. You are being used in that relationship.

  • When your partner enjoys the benefits alone:

When what you do is always about the benefits of your partner at your expense, you are been used in that relationship. For example you mostly get the least of things while your partner get the best items.

  • When you are always the biggest contributor:

Yeah source of income differs, however the burden should not be place on one side but gathered with understanding. Contribution may not be in form of cash alone. So if its obvious that until you bring something to the table before things are working out, then check it, you being used.

  • You always feel uncomfortable around your partner:

When your instinct is always telling you something is wrong whenever you are around your partner, or you can no longer trust he/she genuinely, or you are always scared of something. Then is looking like you are being used.

  • When they never show gratitude:

If you have noticed that whenever you you carry out a favour for them, they hardly appreciate your efforts.  It simply means they enjoy the service of another person better. They are only using you, wise up.

  • When your feelings are not considered :

If the outcome of every decisions made are always against your feelings, it only means your worth is at stake. This also means they are selfish and egocentric. You are being used.

  • When they are only nice to you for your favour:

If you notice that its only when they want to get something from you that they change attitudes towards you, nice, calm, asking about your welfare, ready to do some assignments for you. You are being used because they will definitely change after they got what they wanted.


Signals that your relationship will soon crash

What you need to watch out for in your relationship.

Love is a beautiful thing because it brings comfort and happiness to you, especially if you are in a right relationship. However, while in love in a relationship you must keep examining the mood of the relationship, to know how to improve and what things has fall out. The essence of being in a lovely relationship is to have a partner to share raw mind motives with and how to achieve them.

The following are signals that your relationship will soon crash:


Bridge in Communication

Usually you receives calls from your partner for example twenty (20) times daily or other means of communication on a regular bases, but now you guys hardly communicate twice daily or not at all. When you question your partner he gives flimsy excuses.

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Planning for the future

If you notice your partner always avoid talking and planning for the future, please fly out of the relationship. Every serious relationship need to talk out how to do things, why to do certain things, who to do a thing and when to do things. Its from there your plan your desires and when your partner always shy away from it please fly.


Unusual Mood-swing

It can be normal, because it can be pressure or tension that results from a demanding situation, which bring stress. This can affect the emotional, psychological and physical factors of your partner. However, when you are getting an unusual results from these, it means something is getting wrong in that relationship.


Sex Addict

Sex is very good and in fact it settle many things, however there should be control to it because it should not be the only thing you have together. For the sake of the future of the relationship sex should be secondary.


Permanent Distance

Although distance should not be a huddle in a relationship only silence does. But in a situation where you find it difficult to reach your partner, or you are in the moon and she is under the water you will get tired of your feelings in the relationship and you can easily lost focus.


When you always feel bad about yourself

Everyone is entitle to their opinion. Your opinion is your feeling, choice and decisions; and when your partner makes you feel bad about your choices it is wrong. Encouraging you for the best choice is better than condemning you. When this persist, you need to leave.

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Difference in Goal and Vision

To be in a relationship is to achieve a common goal with your partner. For your relationship to be successful your partner should buy or be in common goal and vision with you. If you can’t achieve this, its better to change the relationship.


Much Lies, Less Truth

This should not be over looked in any way, don’t be deceived with sugar quoted tongues. Make proper research and hold the truth. When he keeps saying its the devil’s influence but i will change for ten (10) times, please that relationship can work.




Wrong things to avoid during love making

Love making can be extremely rewarding while it can also go completely wrong.

Whether you enjoy your session entirely depends on both of you. To ensure that you both enjoy that exclusive moment with your loved one, you must keep off the following things:

  • Timing:

Timing is very important as to when your partner need s3s. Some enjoy s3s in the morning or afternoon or at night.

  • Farting:

This is so annoying. While it can be accidental, you must try as hard as possible not to let out that pungent gas while making love. Otherwise, it will spoil the moment and may also affect your self-esteem.

  • Mood:

When most people get in the mood for s3s, they do not consider the mood of their partner. It is very wrong, you need to communicate with your partner for both of you to be in the mood. The mood may not be for penetration but romance, so both have to understand this. Emotional feelings of your partner also matters, being in a happy mood is an advantage.

  • Fall asleep

This is a grave sin when it comes to sex matters. It just shows how disinterested you are and you should not start it if you are already feeling sleepy.

  • Calling another person’s name

Calling another guy’s name is totally not accepted, don’t try that mistake. Except you want to lose him, call another person’s name during the s3s. But If you are not sure of what will come out of your mouth, keep it shut.

  • The Place and style

Many people have different ways of enjoying s3s. Whenever you notice your partner is not always comfortable while having s3s, some things may be the cause of this, which can be your location and the style you are using. Its not a must to have missionary style in the bed, try something else in the kitchen or bathroom.

  • Your phone

You will have all the time to chat with friends and answer those phone calls. But in the meantime, you had better concentrate on making love and giving your partner their out of this world sexual encounter.

  • Reciprocate the favor

If they gave you an oral job, be ready to pay back. Otherwise, it will be so mean of you. Also, if you happen to cum earlier, do not leave your partner unattended. Ensure they also climax through other ways besides penetration.

  • Dry penetration

This really hurts and every guy ought to get this clearly in their minds. The fact that you are hard enough does not necessarily mean that it’s time to slide into her honey pot yet. Ensure she is wet enough or to make things faster, anoint the place with oil.

  • Crying

At times women get so hysterical during s3s that they even cry. Please hold back those tears and preserve them for some other sad occasion. Crying or bad looks will only put him off since he may be worried that he hurt you.

What to do when you see your partner cheating

There are many reasons that can cause a partner to cheat and this is why you need to dig deep on the cause of such act.

Having a partner who cheat is bad. But when this happens, you need to exercise some tactics in handling the matter. There are many reasons that can cause a partner to cheat and this is why you need to dig deep on the cause of such act.

  • Stay calm

Psychologist says staying calm is the best thing to do when confronting a cheating partner. She recommends for professional help before confronting a cheating partner. Psychologists and Counselors warn against sharing information about your cheating partner on social media.

  • Be direct 

When confronting a cheating partner, you should be direct and go straight to the point. Ask him or her about your suspicions and what he or she is up to. Beating around the bush gives a cheating partner space to ‘shop’ for escape routes.

  • Find out why he or she is cheating 

Before confronting him or her for cheating, it is best to find out why it is happening.

  • Identify what you need from your partner

Before jumping into conclusion on whether to stay or not, evaluate the relationship and find out what you need in the affair especially when children are involved.

  • Seek help 

Before deciding to quit or stay, it is advisable you get psychological help. Seeking a marriage counselor will help as to how to over the situation.