BREAKING: Coronavirus outbreak in Lagos Nigeria

Nigeria record first case of Coronavirus outbreak in Lagos from China

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When mediocrity becomes the accepted norm, excellence dies a painful death.

The need to be the best or to do exceptionally well which is excellence is what really spurs one to do better and become better in all things. Attaining the best doesn’t always come easy. It takes alot of hardwork and consistency. It takes doggedness and a never relenting spirit. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, they say.

Over time, this exceptional attitude of people have made them become people others look up to. We then began to have people who could be emulated probably because of how they did things or because of their achievements, and mentorship was birthed. This act has allowed for continuous achievement of people from generation to generation.


But, what then happens when the people who are supposed to be looked up to don’t live up to their expectation? What becomes the fate and the future of the coming generation when there is no one to put them through and help them prevent avoidable mistakes? How do we survive when the supposed mentors are not worth emulating? What do we do when people shack in their responsibilities out of non-chalance and ignorance?

The ‘let my people go’ and let’s just accept it like that’ attitude has robbed us all of the best and potentials. I remember buying an undone toast (for my belle) from an eatery. I ate it like that and I didn’t feel okay for the rest of the day which cost me missing classes.

Only but a few give attention to details and do the best. Our actions today definitely affect the future… In all these let individual seat up and take charge of his actions because there is someone somewhere who is looking up to you, to be like you, so don’t mislead them and give meaning to every details of your actions. 

Moon sighting; Ramadan fasting commences.

Ramadan fasting commences today for all Muslim faithfuls.

At the sighting of the moon, the Sultan of Sokoto, Saad Abubakar  who heads the Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) announced the commencement of the Ramadan fasting for all Muslim faithfuls.

The Muslims believe that who ever observe the fast has his previous sins forgiven.

The Sultan announces the citing of the new crescent in Sokoto, he said the new moon was sighted in various places across the country which indicates that Sunday is the end of 8th Islamic month of Sha’aban.

He said, “Upon due verification and authentication by the national moon sighting committee and states committees’ confirmation, as well as routine scrutiny, the sighting of the new moon of Ramadan signifies the end of Sha’aban 1440 AH.

“In accordance with Islamic law, the Muslim Ummah is to commence fasting on Monday, May 6, 2019 accordingly”.

The month of fasting is regarded as the holy month and Muslims are encouraged to be holy, to shun ungodly act, be peaceful and be prayerful. Its expected to fast from morning till dawn for all adults.

Simple steps to become successful in your career

Successful people are those who have a vision to change their world and work towards it.

You need to do the following to become successful in your career:

  • The first thing is to have a vision.
  • You need to know your mission.
  • Plan your tactics and strategies.
  • Believe in yourself while others are doubting.
  • Be focus and don’t allow distractions.
  • Study hard while others prefer to sleep.
  • Always be prepared and be sensitive to opportunity.
  • Take actions while others are procrastinating.
  • Be attentive while others are talking.
  • Seek knowledge and advice, you can’t know it all.
  • Invest while others are wasting.
  • Always smile when necessary.
  • Be constructive enough in your criticism, its a leadership attitude.
  • Every steps is a lesson, so be persistence and don’t give up.
  • Be determine because nothing comes smooth.