The renowned Nigerian musician, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, has recently joined the corporate world by becoming a director in his father’s multi-billionaire enterprise called Pacific Holding Limited.

The news is made known by the 28-year-old singer when he posted on his Tweeter platform that he is gradually becoming a member of his father’s company. Davido shared the information by uploading a photo of his father’s company then tweeting, “omo nah 2021 o I dun dey chook head small small.”

Remember that the FEM crooner had repeatedly made it known that he plans to retire from music in the later future. His latest threat to leave the Nigerian music industry came in December 2020, right after his alleged fight with Burna Boy in Ghana. Davido’s father, Dr. Adedeji Adedele’s, action of employing his son as a director in his company is a step towards the musician’s plan to retire in music.


It is without a doubt that Davido’s music fans would become heartbroken when the singer does retire. However, Davido has not yet made his retirement from music official. He has also not officially announced becoming a member of the board of directors in his father’s company. Nevertheless, a visit to Pacific Holding Limited’s official site will show that Davido has been brought on board the company as a director. Davido’s name was placed as part of the member of the directors alongside his sisters, Sharon and Ashley, who were the members of the executive directors in the company.

Recall that Davido has been the subject of criticism recently, with one of his fans calling his latest song “Jowo” nonsense. The musician-turned-activist had since replied to the criticism by saying that “imagine waking up and lying to urself… must suck”.

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