How to know when you are being used in a relationship

Most people easily get carried away in their relationship due to deep love they express to their partner. Don’t be fool,  it’s not bad to show the extent of love you have for your partner but be wise.

Many have taken the advantage of their partner to hurt them, and the other partner find it difficult to quit.

The following are some of the symptoms that you are being used by your partner in the relationship. When he keeps giving the same excuse and a lie after another. Find more below:

  • When you are always the one giving :

If it happens that you are the sole giver in your relationship, then check it again, something is not right. The giving suppose to reciprocate itself, no matter how little it might be. Gifts is an expression of honouring one’s personality, and if you are the one who always give and get nothing in return, that means you are less valued.

  • Your opinions are always not considered:

When you are positive about a relationship and your opinions are not always taken, then the relationship has no future. In a relationship, every contribution need to be weigh and cogent reasons should be given for not taking an option. However, when it happens that your views are always considered as nonsense like you are a dullard. You are being used in that relationship.

  • When your partner enjoys the benefits alone:

When what you do is always about the benefits of your partner at your expense, you are been used in that relationship. For example you mostly get the least of things while your partner get the best items.

  • When you are always the biggest contributor:

Yeah source of income differs, however the burden should not be place on one side but gathered with understanding. Contribution may not be in form of cash alone. So if its obvious that until you bring something to the table before things are working out, then check it, you being used.

  • You always feel uncomfortable around your partner:

When your instinct is always telling you something is wrong whenever you are around your partner, or you can no longer trust he/she genuinely, or you are always scared of something. Then is looking like you are being used.

  • When they never show gratitude:

If you have noticed that whenever you you carry out a favour for them, they hardly appreciate your efforts.  It simply means they enjoy the service of another person better. They are only using you, wise up.

  • When your feelings are not considered :

If the outcome of every decisions made are always against your feelings, it only means your worth is at stake. This also means they are selfish and egocentric. You are being used.

  • When they are only nice to you for your favour:

If you notice that its only when they want to get something from you that they change attitudes towards you, nice, calm, asking about your welfare, ready to do some assignments for you. You are being used because they will definitely change after they got what they wanted.


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