Pay the price for success

According to Oxford dictionary, success is something which happens as a consequence; the outcome or result. It is also the achievement of one’s aim or goal

I want you to know that success doesn’t just come; it is a result of something. You can’t have an amazing lifestyle without sacrificing something. Every successful person you know today has a “price” story to tell.

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Everyone of us want to succeed at something. Whether it’s in learning a skill, writing books, or in marriage. For those who have tried and failed, success seems elusive. But it’s not, if you can pick yourself up and try again.

You can live the life you want, once you are willing to pay the price. With sustained efforts over time, you can do or have most things you want in life.

The people who do become truly exceptional at something do so not because they believe they’re exceptional. they become amazing because they’re determined with getting results. They pay the price of hardwork, consistency, self-control what ever the case might be.


Someone once said that When you live for a strong purpose, then hard work isn’t an option. It’s a necessity

Ask your self “what price do I need to pay to achieve my dream and have a successful life

See you next week by God’s grace. Keep dreaming, keep aiming and never give up.

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