Signals that your relationship will soon crash

Love is a beautiful thing because it brings comfort and happiness to you, especially if you are in a right relationship. However, while in love in a relationship you must keep examining the mood of the relationship, to know how to improve and what things has fall out. The essence of being in a lovely relationship is to have a partner to share raw mind motives with and how to achieve them.

The following are signals that your relationship will soon crash:


Bridge in Communication

Usually you receives calls from your partner for example twenty (20) times daily or other means of communication on a regular bases, but now you guys hardly communicate twice daily or not at all. When you question your partner he gives flimsy excuses.

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Planning for the future

If you notice your partner always avoid talking and planning for the future, please fly out of the relationship. Every serious relationship need to talk out how to do things, why to do certain things, who to do a thing and when to do things. Its from there your plan your desires and when your partner always shy away from it please fly.


Unusual Mood-swing

It can be normal, because it can be pressure or tension that results from a demanding situation, which bring stress. This can affect the emotional, psychological and physical factors of your partner. However, when you are getting an unusual results from these, it means something is getting wrong in that relationship.


Sex Addict

Sex is very good and in fact it settle many things, however there should be control to it because it should not be the only thing you have together. For the sake of the future of the relationship sex should be secondary.


Permanent Distance

Although distance should not be a huddle in a relationship only silence does. But in a situation where you find it difficult to reach your partner, or you are in the moon and she is under the water you will get tired of your feelings in the relationship and you can easily lost focus.


When you always feel bad about yourself

Everyone is entitle to their opinion. Your opinion is your feeling, choice and decisions; and when your partner makes you feel bad about your choices it is wrong. Encouraging you for the best choice is better than condemning you. When this persist, you need to leave.

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Difference in Goal and Vision

To be in a relationship is to achieve a common goal with your partner. For your relationship to be successful your partner should buy or be in common goal and vision with you. If you can’t achieve this, its better to change the relationship.


Much Lies, Less Truth

This should not be over looked in any way, don’t be deceived with sugar quoted tongues. Make proper research and hold the truth. When he keeps saying its the devil’s influence but i will change for ten (10) times, please that relationship can work.




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