What to do when a beautiful girl stares at you

How do you respond to this kind of situation, when a beautiful damsel stares directly at you? Most guys get confused and get lost of action. Its never a crime to make your intention known to her especially if she attracts you.

You need to get composed, not to mess things up. Firstly…

  • Smile

Immediately you notice she’s looking at you, welcome that with a warm smile. This will show a friendly part of you. Girls should not find it scary to talk to you.

  • Break the silence

Girls find it hard starting a conversation with a stranger. If she stares at you, just break the silence by saying “Hi”. You would have made things much easier for her.

  • Ask yourself if you like her

After realising that you can easily converse, ask yourself if you really need to be with her. Just because she smiled back doesn’t mean that you should relish the chance.

  • Body language

If you notice she is irresistibly looking at you, turn your body towards her as if you want to go, then just get back to your normal business. You would have told her that she got your attention and still, you played a high profile by getting back.

  • Go and talk to her

If she looks at you repeatedly and you know it; seriously, what on earth are you waiting for! Go and talk to her, you have nothing to lose there.

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