Many feared dead during APC rally in Rivers State

Many has been reported dead during the APC rally held in Adokiye Amiesimaka stadium, Port Harcourt,  Rivers State.

This was as a result of the stampede at the venue as supporters were forcing their way out of the venue after President Muhammadu Buhari made his speech. Some people fell and were trampled upon by other people coming from behind.

According to UPTH public relations officer Kem Daniel Elebiga, he said fourteen (14) people have been confirmed dead,  though some are in the emergency room and more victims are still been brought in,  so the exact figure can not be ascertain. He said “I can confirm 14 persons dead as I speak. Initially, it was six, but the figures can change as they bring them and are being examined. There are others under medical attention at the Emergency Unit, so we can’t force a clear figure beyond what the situation is at the moment”.

Speaking at the rally,  Rotimi Amaechi said, “whatever PDP want in Rivers State, we are equal to the task. In 2015, the Army tried to arrest me as a sitting governor. Now,  we have a governor who is trying to negotiate with us,  asking us to give him governor in return, we will support us for president. He is afraid, isn’t it? We will battle him to the last”.



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