A Love Since Forever

Crystal blue waters,
White clouds beneath blue pigmented sky,
Say sky-blue.
White rose petals, Rose!
Yellow flowers, the scent of honey and lime.
Fine cool breeze the color of white light on my thoughts.
Brown bench in the park with brown sand,
Trees with green and yellow leaves, dancing to the rhythm of the blowing wind.
Purple velvet and black satins…
I could go on and on.


Everyone says Love comes in color red,
They say love is pink, mild, cute and soft.
But have you heard of this love in black?
Sleek, wild, handsome, intense, calm and crazy.
Have you?
Mayhaps, I tell you?
Sure, I will tell you.
It’s a Love since forever.
You can misunderstand it if you don’t allow wisdom an accommodation in your heart.
You can lose it if you don’t understand its essence. It would still be there, but you won’t see it.

This Love is so subtle, so versatile, so volatile.
These letters won’t do.
How do you explain word with word?
So then, how do I describe love with love?
This is the sweetness of this love.
This love, is Love’s love.

Happy Valentine.

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