Ayuba Wabba returns unopposed as NLC president

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) president has been re-elected unopposed as the new NLC president during the 12th Quadrennial National Delegates Conference of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), for the next four years.

Amaechi Asugwuni, Muhammad Nadir Idris, and Najim Usman Yasin were also elected unopposed as the deputy president. Four persons elected Vice-Presidents were Abdrafiu  Adeniji, Peters Adeyemi, Lawrence Amaechi and Oyelakan Lateef who was returned unopposed.

Ibrahim Khaleel, was elected National Treasurer, Marven Adamu, National Financial Secretary and Adewale Adeyanju, National Trustee, among others.

The President, Ayuba Wabba said in his speech that the next phase is to ensure that the minimum wage is implemented by the government. He said: “We will dedicate ourselves to ensure that the challenges workers face are confronted headlong. Workers are treated as slaves while those that don’t even work hard take higher pay”.

He also said “The new leadership of NLC will respect the will of members and consolidate on what we are doing. We will continue to conform to the tradition of the union and speak the truth to those in power. The daily challenges of workers at workplaces will be confronted. We have been able to work assiduously in the past four years and we will move forward to build workers poser. I assure our members of our commitment and dedication to the resolutions of the conference”.

It is important to address the global in balance where more people live below poverty line despite the growing global wealth.


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