Let me alone…

Beneath, covered up nicely, are scars.
Scars with stories untold.
Scars of shame exposed.
Scars with secrets that bore pain and an everyday countering regrets.
Scars of talents hidden.
Scars with tears never seen.

Scars treasured for ignorance sake.
Everyday, thoughts are put at stake.
Every action must be void of mistake.
Never thinking what of me, you make.
It’s my piece of cake.
I tell you, each moment come with a break.
I need a break!

If it’s my cup of tea,
Courtesy demands you let me make my tea.
So much for your decree.
They are now, to my thoughts, debris.
Undeserving of any respect with a degree.
I ain’t no barbie.
Don’t make me your abduc-tea!


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