Don’t spend your income anyhow – Apostolic Preaching

Any Civil Servant that resumes office by 11:00am when the resumption time is 8:00am cannot receive blessings. This was one of the major points of Pastor Richard Adejare of The Apostolic Church Nigeria (TACN) in Abuja, during the devotional Sunday service yesterday.

He enlightened his congregation on the topic: “Success in life and Career as a Christian”. He stressed the following verses from the Holy scripture, Proverbs 24: 27, Ecclesiastes 9: 10, 3John 2.

According to the man of God, he said “Your work is your blessing”, “Ensure you dress well to your place of work regardless of your status, be it Roasted Corn seller, Mechanic, Banker, Driver, Stylist, Security Officer, Pastor, Civil Servant etc.

“Your work is a gift from God and your destiny is attached to it, have a kingdom vision concerning your income and you must not spend your income anyhow”.

“You must know that you are representing God at your office”.

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