Photojournalist remanded in Ikoyi prison over hairstyle…

A photojournalist based in Lagos has been arrested and remanded in ikoyi prison over hairstyle.

Yinka Badmus, a journalist with Talk Village international on 31st of December was arrested at his community where he lives while he was eating noodles.

The Nigerian Police said: “the guy was arrested because of his hairstyle”. The photojournalist is wearing dreadlock hairstyle and was denied access to reach his family after he was arrested.

However, on the 3rd of January, Yinka was able to make contact with his family through a detainee who was after bail after 3 days of his arrest.

His employer at Talk Village, Mr. Oguntoyibo reported that “I was asked to come to the Gbagada police station on January 4 to bail him and see the officer in charge of his case.” But on getting to the police station he saw Yinka being conveyed In Black Maria to the Ogudu Magistrate Court.

Oguntoyinbo further disclosed that, “At the Ogudu court, the resident judge asked that Yinka be granted bail and a lawyer in the magistrate court was attached to us. The lawyer subsequently requested for a proof means of identity, a house rent receipt, NEPA bill and tax payment evidence for two years. He also collected N10, 000.

“After this, the lawyer demanded for another N20, 000 for his service, with a promise that he would have a meeting with the magistrate and effect Yinka’s release. On Tuesday, I called the lawyer to submit the requested documents so the boy could be released. The lawyer again demanded for another N25, 000 for bail-bond and also made me to know that I would have to pay the police for verification and other processes. Meanwhile, the boy had been remanded in Ikoyi prison.”

Also, Oguntoyhibo included that he has been alerted by the prison that Yinka’s health is deteriorating.

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