Dino Melaye and the Elephant’s Tusk.

The reason I don’t take side in issues around governance is simple; I am with the citizens. With this in mind, I speak only for the people and in doing this I objectively give accolades when needed and once something goes wrong, I dish out my whip to inspire correction. I am not a politician and I have no favorite.

Like I have said many times, I am not Dino’s fan. Not withstanding, in a wicked and lawless society as ours, a Dino is needed.

That been said, it is worthy to note that when a man fights every fight and does that everyday, he will end up becoming a tusk that will be hunted for gain.

Many Elephants have gone tuskless over the years because they won’t stop flaunting what they have. Even when they finally know that they are been haunted, they have lost the abilities to curtail themselves. Dino has probably overplayed his single and now the disc skips. He is now being used to score political goals.

His recent arrest is all scam and staged played from the beginning by those who knew he will fall to the trap. I did a little investigation around the whole drama and realized that Nigeria is in big troubles. Ameachi has said it all.

Even among the ranks and files in the Police force, Dino is like an idol, as in he is like a celebrity they dream to see or be with. I sat with them innocently and listened as they tell their stories and how it usually plays. They are the ones sent to arrest him. They spent days around his house, they took him to their office. But they kept whispering to each other that…. Chai this People are just wicked. Which people…. that exactly is where the problem lies. The Police are not minding their business but the politicians’ business.

The security system is now a mere equipment in the hand of the powerful to do whatever they like. Those who wanted to keep Dino out of the major part of the campaign season, knowing what he is capable of doing planted the trap and they know Dino don’t know small or big fight…. they were so sure he was going to fight and he did and they caught him.

The said Roadblock where they stopped him I heard never existed before. It was a quick one they arranged the moment they heard he was within the area. They were always at alert to get him. Since the incident took place they never showed us the wounded officer but they just succeeded in making a case huge enough to lay siege on him for several days…. a senator o…. vandalized his water and power supply in a lawful society. Nigeria has grown past shame. Are there no better ways to deal with this…? No. PDP Campaign in Lokoja was at the corner, they must get him before that rally at all cost.

How did the Nigerian Police got reduced to political equipment in the hand of the ruling class and freedom of expression and minimum decorum lost? The answer is Greed.

If Dino had grown past his current culture and also listen to advice, maybe he would have learnt that the strongest and most powerful or courageous people are not those that fight every fight especially when matters of major importance are on the way. The General Election is here, you are going to be playing a major role and your game is very critical in the whole season about to come, even if they pitch a fight before you, what you do is you avoid it at all cost. Not only you sef… you will caution everyone around you that can be used to rope you to avoid any possible problems. Not because you are afraid but because you have very important assignment ahead and you need to be on ground for your team and your own self. But not my brother….

The Elephant Tusk is not just strong, the elephant thought it was just something about itself. But now it realized that the Tusk is now endangering its life. The world is now running around to help the Elephant.

Let us pray for Nigeria the more. The king is not fighting corruption as the misuse of power remains the highest level of corruption and that’s what the king is doing and supporting his children to do.

The king is power drunk and will clamp down on anything to demonstrate this.

The children of the king have turned vampires and dinosaurs. They feast on flesh with no regard.

Let’s pray for Dino not only to gain freedom but to grow and become mature with knowledge of the fact that we need him more than he thinks he possibly needs himself and he will make more difference if he allows the wisdom of his many fans guide him.

Dino has raised so much vital issues at the National Assembly almost more than all other senators put together have raised. See the case of the 27 Billion Budget for Police for 2019. No one said anything until he raised it.

The Elephant Tusk possibly has more economic value than its whole body and that’s why those hunters will kill a whole Elephant and remove only the Tusk and leave.

Even though the Elephant is adjudged to be the largest animal on earth with unequal power to crush and destroy almost anything anytime, until the Elephant learn how to hide its Tusks, it will continue to live an endangered life.

Dino is a Tusk, he is hunted by many for several reasons. But one day, the hunter will be hunted.

2019 Elections will come and go but the dramas will live forever.

By: Semiye Michael

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