Daily Trust office shutdown by Army.

Daily Trust regional office in Maiduguri, Borno state and Abuja were shutdown on Sunday 6/01/2019 by armed soldiers and other security agencies, and arrested the regional editor, Uthman Abubakar and a reporter, Ibrahim Sawab.

One of the witnesses said the DSS came first to the office in two vehicles and asked the security guards where the reporter are and they said no one is in the office. The DSS operatives then left only to return as a combined team of DSS, Army and Civil Defense officers in vehicles, he added.

The Army asked for the reporters again and the security guards insist no one is in the office, the group seized the phones of two security guards and got access to the office, were they seized the editor and reporter phones and laptops and thereafter arrested them and took them away.

Up till now Daily trust are yet to receive the real reasons why their editor and reporter were arrested. Daily Trust made contact with the Nigerian Army concerning the shutdown of their office and the arrest of their staff. Attempt to reach the Nigerian Army spokesman on call was not reachable but a text was required. The text from Daily Trust, “Sir, the regional office of Media Trust in Maiduguri was shut down by the military and the regional editor and staff reporters were arrested by the military and taken away to an unknown destination and the phones of two guards were seized, we want to know the offence committed that warrants the shutdown of the media house? We want to know where those arrested have been taken to because we fear for their well-being.”

However, the reporter noted that General Usman is yet to respond to the enquiry as at 6:00pm, hours after the two editorial staff were whisked away by armed soldiers.

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