When We Remember To Say Goodbye


Our eyes have run through these scriptures of sorrow,
Our tongues have tasted the real sweetness of penury.
Our skin have been painted with the sketches of arrow,
Our heads have rested on the rock of pain & mystery.
We know the true definition of a butcher’s off springs,
Been tied to ropes to feed on bones as the daily bread.
But the moment our mind plays our lost soul strings,
Undefiled songs own a land beneath our dead head.
We never forget to remember our tomorrow’s look,
So we render flawless farewell to those living death.
For a life that has longed for a big whale in his hook,
Will not only sleep but also take a walk to new earth.
For there shall our cup runneth over in million folds,
Our barren land shall beget a bouncing baby flavour,
Our eyes shall see the clarity in the fortune it holds.
The weather will wear worthful coat of many colors,
Our whiteness will no longer bleed green but peace.
As every piece of our words will have no iota of lie,
And every man’s roof won’t be set ablaze for riches.
As we remain one people in a nation of a single file,
Every heads’ right won’t be wronged for bribe’s sake,
Every church rats will see the beauty of a 3 square meal,
And no scanning from head to toe before handshake.
The grey men and women will heartily get their bills,
The nation’s core options of peace & unity shall live.
As the light-fingered corruption takes its quiet leave,
So do we finally see welfare in the farewell we sing.


The Unsaid Words

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