What do I really want?
Who am I?

There is a part of me that wants something,
Something that I really don’t know.
It looks like I know it but then, I don’t know.
It feels like I can express it but still, I don’t know how.


There are a lot of things that I want,
A lot that I want to be.
All in a bid to find something doing, thinking I will find myself.
But I still don’t know them.


In the midst of all this brouhaha,
Someone has been calling my name.
The name I never knew I bear.
Reaching out to me and showing me the way.
If only I had opened my heart to see and my ears to hear that,
All my answers are with this person who knows me by my real name.
Then my seemingly insatiable desire will be satisfied.

Written by: Olu-Ayorinde Blessing.

Trusting The Uncertain                 WISDOM FOR LIFE ( 1 )

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