The Introduction of VAR at the 2018 World Cup?

The 2018 football world cup holding in Russia is full of special effects with the introduction of the Video Assistant¬†Referee system, known as VAR, to reduce the errors committed by the referees. This is the first time the VAR would be used in a fifa world cup competition. When Brazil hosted the world cup, four years ago, it was the Goal line technology. The advantage of the VAR has already been seen in the Egypt’s penalty against host country Russia, Sweden’s penalty against Korea Republic, Diego Costa’s goal against Portugal and many more, to correct and clarify decisions.

There are set of referees in the war room who watch the match on the screen from a remote source of dozen of cameras from different angles and with the support of on pitch official to alert the referees when errors are spotted.

The VAR is not only used for measuring goals, but for monitoring other actions on the field of play where the referee do have a clear vision of what has happened. The #VAR is also used for:

  1.  Whether a penalty is to be awarded or not.
  2. Whether a goal scored is without fouls; such as offside, hand ball etc or not.
  3. Whether the hard tackle is deserves a straight red card or yellow card.

The system is restricted to these areas in order to minimize disruption to the flow of the game. However, many have complained that the game might loose its fun, it may lead to delay in time and can still be controversial.

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