Jobs that will probably fade out in few Years

When you’re trying to figure out a career path base on your abilities or not sure of the kinds of jobs that society is slowly fading out, Technology and cultural shifts have given rise in every field and it’s taking over gradually. Driver-less cars have been announced to be on the road anytime soon, and intelligent machine that can interact with individual to satisfy their needs will be available.

Office Assistance

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In few years to come, we will experience less administrative assistants and more robots will be available to do the same job tasks, cheaper and efficiently. Documentation of files and keeping of accurate records will be 100%. There will be speech recognition whereby the robot can respond to your questions and answer phone calls.

Retail Cashier

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With the influx of self-service checkouts, and automated processes during purchasing, the typical retail cashier will eventually fade away as a career. Technology has allowed plenty of advancements in how we shop, and customers want less human interaction.

Travel Agent


With the rise of the internet and the ability to book trips for cheap using sites comparable to travel agents, this old-school job is slowly fading out of the system.  Gone are the days where we need a third party person to find the better deals when travelling, because the internet has made that ability so much easier for us.

Taxi driver


The car rental and service industry has undergone serious competition in few years, with the availability of the ride sharing apps like Uber, Taxify etc making transportation fast, comfortable and easy for an average person acquires transportation.  Calling for a cab is going to be non-existent with the rise of these apps with GPS technology. Taxi drivers will have to follow the trend in order to keep their business afloat.

Publishers and Printers

It’s no surprise that print media is fading out of the industry. More and more consumers are going digital when it comes to entertainment and news. Publishing companies have been having a hard time keeping up with the times. These industries are slowly fading out to give rise to new digital media companies.


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With the increase rate of developed voice recognition and dictation software, no one will need the service of a typist. You can read and it will be typed through machine learning logarithms, you can dictate your text messages, emails, facebook status or tweets.

Postal Workers

With the rise of technology and email communication, the need for postal workers has slowly. With the rise of private companies taking the Post Office’s place, this government-run job has little chance for career growth and advancement.

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