Self-confidence is an attitude that you hold about yourself that allows you to move forward and achieve your goals. A self-confident person has a general sense of control of her own life, and can do what she wishes, plans and expects.

Traits of Self confident people:

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  • Motivation
  • A flexible approach
  • A willingness to take risks
  • An eagerness to stretch themselves
  • A positive mind set
  • A clear direction in life
  • Clarity around their values
  • An acceptance of their weak points and faults
  • No interest in what others think of them
  • A way of looking the part but not showing off
  • A strong self belief
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • A belief in their skills and talents
  • Discipline
  • A heightened self awareness
  • An ability to be consistent and persistent
  • Self approval
  • Credibility
  • Self responsibility
  • Constant interest in self mastery
  • Self acceptance
  • Humility


  1. To deactivate the internal negative voice, imagine a volume control 0 -10, and turn it down to 0.
  2. Ask yourself what’s the worst that can happen if you take an informed risk?
  3. The mind doesn’t know the difference between fantasy & reality, so when you fear doing something for the first time, close your eyes and imagine succeeding.
  4. Read biographies of successful people and model their behaviours, attitudes and beliefs.
  5. Do not be afraid to ask, ask, ask, ask, ask for what you want and need, and remember “some will, some, wont, so what”, move on.
  6. Write out 5 of your attributes every day for 30 days.
  7. Be congruent, be yourself and watch your confidence rocket.
  8. Do not put others on pedestals, park your butt on one instead.
  9. Do not ever feel pressure to respond to anyone, be assertive and say ‘I am not sure, I don’t like to make a snap decision, I will get back to you tomorrow’
  10. Give up living your life to meet others expectations. Credit: Annie Ashdown

Self confidence is a big ticket to success. Self confident people have what it takes to be successful. It might take some time to build but with deliberate effort and practice of the 10 tips above, you will be shocked at who you’ve become.

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