The “friend zone” happens when two people are friends, and one person wants more while the other don’t. The friend zone is a place a lot of people have been one way or the other at one point. It’s not an interesting thing to be put in the friend zone when you really like someone.  The friend zone is a place where people whose feeling are not reciprocated stay.  When someone you like tell you you are just friends knowing fully well you like her- this is the simplest definition of being friend zoned.
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  • Don’t be safe: if you are interested in someone,  there are many ways to let them know. Let your crush know you notice her even by how you stare at her, hold her hands, tap her arm and so on. Compliment her even when she doesn’t look as good and they should be the kind of compliments that can make her smile all day just remembering the words you said. You can also show your interest in someone by outwardly expressing yourself . You can be poetic,  women like men that can be romantic
  • Flirt and intimate : Flirting is fun, flirting is a playful way to let a woman know that you are into her without being absolutely blunt about it. The easiest way to flirt with someone without being rude is when there is intimacy.  When you are really close to someone and talk a lot,  you know what to say or do to keep her thinking of you through the day.
  • Ask her out and make sure she knows it’s a date: emphasize the fact that you are going out on a date so she doesn’t dress the way she would have for a man that she’s just friends with.  This emphasis also enable her to pick up the point that you see her as more than friends. She may probably say no to you but be persistent and brave. You don’t have to become obsessive instead ask her out playfully many times so she doesn’t get upset.
  • Don’t ever enter the friend zone:  if you really like someone,  never let yourself in the friend zone.  If you know seeing her with someone else will hurt so much then don’t let yourself go through such pain.  Stop making yourself too available,  make her miss you and ask where you’ve been all day. It isn’t so good to end your friendship with her just because she only sees you as a friend.  The technique of not always being available  works most times. By this way,  she start to value you more and see the difference not being around you as much brings. Nothing hurt as much as seeing the one you like with another in your presence. So refuse to enter the friend zone, try all means as far as it doesn’t hurt or affect another.


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