Do you know ginger has anti-cancer effects?

  • The consumption of ginger stops new blood cells that allows cancer cells to grow
  • Ginger can sensitize cancer cells to radiation, thereby making radiation therapy more effective
  • Consumption of ginger can inhibit and prevent cancer cell growth and also prevent the migration of cancer cell. That is, it prevents cancer cell from moving to other parts of the body.

Do you know ginger aids Digestion?

  • Consumption of ginger helps to prevent nausea and vomiting. It serve as a big relief for women during pregnancy when experiencing morning sickness. Ginger helps with nausea and vomiting as side effects of medications, including chemotherapy.
  • Consumption of ginger can reduce stomach discomfort. Ginger accelerates stomach emptying into the small intestines in healthy people, so it can help in the case of overeating or indigestion.

Do you know ginger is an effective pain killer? 

  • The constant consumption of ginger helps to reduce muscle pains from exercise,  prolonged running and sport or other activities.
  • It also helps to reduce menstrual  pains. Ginger is more effective in reducing pain severity than placebo.

Do you know that ginger also helps in reducing allergy,  asthma and eczema?

  • The consumption of ginger reduce smooth muscle contraction in the airway by reducing acetylcholine-induced contraction. Thereby reducing asthmatic attacks.
  • There is an active ingredient in ginger known as zerumbone which helps in reducing allergic reactions.

Ginger is a spice that gives a more pleasant aroma and better flavor to food and other consumption. The constant use of ginger will protect your health and prevent conditions that you might not even be aware of.


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