A lot of people  are scared of growing old  when it’s an inevitability. I have heard people say they have phobia for growing old or old people . The funny and truest thing is, you will be like that someday or probably get older. Growing old is something that shouldn’t scare you if you achieved your goals and lived well in the days of your youth. Your youthful and adult days  is when to work hard and better yourself everyday. If this is achieved, then getting old won’t frighten you.  You will look back and give yourself a pat on the back because you didn’t waste your life time.


  1. Embrace the fact that you won’t always be young : many people say they are scared of getting old because they won’t look as sexy, agile, handsome, and so on.  You have to start realizing that your youthful and adult days will pass away and those curves, built body, and so on won’t always be the way they are. Know that getting old is a beautiful thing.  It’s a time to sit and enjoy all you’ve worked for and also a time to worry less about what the future brings.
  2. You will have a more precious life: isn’t it a beautiful thing to see grand and great grand parents with so many children, grand and great grand children? It’s like a really large extended  family. Then you start to wonder how large the family tree is.  One of the thing that makes getting old very interesting is having family and friends around.Extended-Families-Sitting-On-Sofa
  3. Growing old is inevitable and part of life’s process: quit from saying you want to be young forever. Imagine a life where you are a kid forever or a youth forever. It will get boring at some point. What makes life interesting are the experiences we have in each of life’s process or stage. When you were a child you behaved like a child,  played and ate almost everything that came your way. As a teenager, you were growing,  you didn’t know much,  you probably  had friends or very few, life then was all about discovering you, knowing what you want to do in life. Growing older is a normal thing, it’s an inevitability and part of life’s process just the way being a child is.
  4. Live a healthy life so you can enjoy good health when you are old: for example;  smoking and drinking cause more damage than good to your health.  These are things to reduce or quit so aging is interesting. Also, keep off the weight- this is good for your health and easy movement at old age.
  5. The choices you make will be responsible for the quality  of life at old age: one main reason people are not so happy at old age is when they regret the kind of choices they made while they were younger. Make a choice to work hard, make investments, try many things, if one idea doesn’t work for you then try another, never give up on trying to make life easy for you and your family,  make money, get married rightly, and many other very good choices. The reason for this is so you won’t have regrets when you are old.
  6. Know growing old is an opportunity and privilege that isn’t experienced by all: not everyone is so opportune to get old. Some die even at birth,  some even before they achieve their goal in life. So getting old is something to be thankful for.


One thought on “THE FINE ART OF OLD AGE

  1. You have written, “The choices you make will be responsible for the quality of life at old age” to me the truest statement on this posting. I remember hearing in church ‘you reap what you sow’ but because of my age it never sunk in…. now at 72 and nearing the end of my life’s road these words and what you said are a blinding truth in my face. Would that our parents took your words and held them in front of us those many years ago…… but then again youth can be stubborn and we no doubt would have walked our own path no matter what they said.

    Thanks for a great posting.


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