• She looked like a queen and I walked like a king
    Beautiful in & out,  I knew goodness was all she could bring
    I felt a melody within, never sang before but I could sing
    I could only fathom my feeling to that of water in a spring


  • She asked the weirdest question that night
    How long do you plan to hold me this tight
    All I did was stare her smile so bright
    She said 10years? 20? But I couldn’t imagine her out of sight
    30?40?50?..i wondered how the question is to be right
    She was asking when I’m ready to put a dim to my light


  • I see us kinging and queening till forever
    I don’t believe in luck but what fate deliver
    Life without you is like having a constant fever
    It hits & hits again with no plan to recover
    I have one cure–its the scent of my lover


  • I see us kinging & queening as one part
    They said its impossible in a world so turn apart
    We are going no where,  they will see us stand,  we won’t depart
    We made a vow to live forever in love
    And give death no space or right to evolve


  • We’ve made a vow to bore the world  with our history
    Growing old together telling our story
    Leaving our foot prints behind, that’s victory
    Kinging and queening till forever

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