you are not crazy to fall for or like someone that is married . It may be the fact that he or she is responsible and very jovial that attracted you at first. But yet, we all know it’s not everything we seem to like that we can have. You can like staying under the rain to feel the cold and rain-drops on you but that does not mean it is good for you. Or you may hate school and that also doesn’t mean it is bad for you.
Mosttimes you can’t fight your feelings or the fact you’ve got a crush on someone but you also can’t act on it when you know the person is not just in a relationship but married. You have to let go of those feelings so you won’t destroy your relationships with people and also destroy their homes. WHY?
** The married man belongs to a woman like you: Believe it or not, deep down we all are searching for that one person that only picks us daily over everyone else. But marriage isn’t a bed of roses and some days you might not be getting along well, the last thing you still want to hear is that your partner is cheating on you.
** Because divorce is a complex thing for families: don’t be the reason married couples divorce. This is because divorce is a complex thing both mentally and physically. Plus, you are not so sure the woman you are crazy over will still love you as much after breaking her marriage.

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** The couples may Probably have children: this makes your relationship with a married person a really complex one. How do you think the children would ever respect you? No matter how much children don’t relate with their parents, they still do not expect an affair to tear them up. They may understand if parents decide to get a divorce because the marriage isn’t working but not an affair.
**You will always most times be just the side-chick or side-guy:  You are not married to him/ her so you can’t be expecting her to treat you the way she would treat her husband. Most people will tell you all they care about is getting money from the affair so will destroy families for money. This is wrong and will leave others in pain at the end.
** it will be a secret relationship: dating is something to be enjoyed. When you date a married person, it might be enjoyable at first but with time not as much. The married man doesn’t want his wife knowing you. Hides you from all those that know his wife, too many secrets, etc. The only way you would be okay with all these is if you actually don’t like him and your in for other benefits like money, properties and so on.
There are many more reasons you shouldn’t date a married person. You can comment on some.
Don’t ever feel there isn’t someone single who would cherish you with first class treatments. Have a good heart, learn from married people so your marriage can be more blessed. It isn’t wrong to have a crush on a married person but acting on those feelings is what’s wrong. Everyone has a soul-mate, trust that.



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