you may be thinking to be doing well in life, you need extraordinary steps but that’s not true. The truth is having the basic simple things in life continuously is what keeps you doing well and greatly each day life offers. So what are these things?
1. You have a roof over your head
2. You ate today
3. You have a good heart
4. You wish good for others
5. You have clean water
images (5)
6. Someone cares for you
images (4)
7. You strive to be better
8. You have clean clothes


images (6)
9. You have a dream
10. You are breathing
unnamed (5)

Having the basic necessities of life are the most important. Other things you deserve or want will come once you have these things. The 10 above signs might seem little but they are the primary things that stand as a foundation for other wishes or needs to come.


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