Being strong isn’t just being physically  built.  It is also a thing of the mind. You want to know if you are mentally strong,  then look up the following things mentally strong people do;
1. They are kind: strong people are kind and can sacrifice their time and resources for others.
2. They are willing to take calculated risks: strong people are not scared of taking risks,  they think and take decisions that may be risky but it will be a great outcome if it works out.
3. They celebrate  other people’s success: they are not angered or jealous at the success of others.  Instead they celebrate  with them knowing they will also have a reason to celebrate  too.
4. They invest their energy in the present:  strong people are hard working putting all energy and time in the present so as to build up a better future.
5. They Embrace Change: strong people put in mind that times and things change and when that happens, they are able to adapt to conditions.
6. They are not scared of failure: if you know a strong Person,  then you sure know they are not scared of failure. No matter how much they fail,  they do not give up.
7. They enjoy their time alone: strong people enjoy their time alone as it is a period to reflect on decisions made, think and also time to relax.
8. They stay happy: no matter the challenges confronting them,  they stay happy. Strong people do not let any situation  take away their joy.
9. They are prepared to work and succeed on their own merits: strong people are always willing to get the work done putting in mind the profit involved.
10. They have staying power: strong people are leaders. they are trusted to get the work done as they have the ability  to take charge of situations. They take on the responsibility  to lead well and produce results.
11. They evaluate their core beliefs: strong people have rules they made for themselves and they use them to guide their lives daily
12. They think productively: stong people aim at producing positive  results so they always think in a productive  way.
13. They expand their mental energy wisely: strong people believe knowledge  is power so they are always eager to learn new things especially when it can be applicable to what they want to do.
14. They keep control: strong people have self-control and this gives them the ability to control others without being rude or disrespectful.
15. They accept full responsibility for their past behavior: strong people are remorseful about their wrongs and they take responsibility  for them
16. They move on: strong people do not stay stuck or delayed in particular situation. They move on if situations don’t work to their favor.  They also do not stay locked up on past glories, they move on believing in more greater outcomes.
17. They tolerate discomfort: strong people are patient,  they can tolerate discomfort as they know it’s only temporary.
18.They reflect on their progress: strong people reflect on how far they’ve come, they do not dwell but reflect on their progress  as this will give them the inner power and urge to get better results.
Being mentally strong isn’t as easy as being physically strong.  To be physically strong,  all you need to do is stay built by doing a lot of exercises  and eating well. Being mentally strong may take time, it is a conscious effort to perform all the above characteristics of strong people daily. Also, being mentally strong will keep you at a high pace in almost anything you do.

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