Valentine’s Day shouldn’t just be a day to awaken feelings and emotions. It shouldn’t just be a day to try recreate the memories you once had with loved ones. If you are in a relationship and it is only on Valentine’s day and very special occasions that you feel loved by your partner, then you probably shouldn’t be celebrating the day. Val’s day is just one day out of 365 days in a year and 366 for leap year. The good thing is everyday can be Val’s day if you are in the right relationship.


  • Everyday becomes Valentine’s Day when you are happy even on very random normal days.
  • When the eagerness to see,  talk to,  and be with your partner is always there.
  • When there is a competition  on who can make the other happy the most even without being planned for.
  • Everyday becomes  Valentine’s  Day when your partner sees you as irreplaceable and other half.
  • When your love for each other is genuine and true.
  • When quarrels and fights do not keep you apart for days,  as you both are mature to handle them

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  • When life itself makes no sense when you don’t hear from your partner in just one day
  • Everyday becomes Valentine’s  Day when staying indoors or going out brings memories that you can linger on and smile at as you go by the day’s routine.
  • When the gifts on Valentine’s day doesn’t surprise you as much because you get gifts even on normal days.
  • When everyday is as beautiful  as the last.  Because even on sad occasions  you are sure you can overcome knowing there is someone rooting endlessly for you.
  • When your vision,  goals and dreams are not so shallow anymore just cause someone believes in them and each day feels a little closer  to achieving them.
“Everyday Becomes Valentine’s Day When You are in the Right Relationship”



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