A relationship is meant to be worthwhile and if you breakup you learn from it, but as long as you’ve been in one there are signs that should show that your relationship is going to turn into a marriage. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re settling because settling means you will tolerate everything your partner does. This just means you have made up your mind and you know that he/she is the one. Here are signs your relationship will turn into marriage.


You trust each other.

You always feels he is God sent.

Time apart doesn’t break your relationship.

You spend a lot of time together and it’s great.

You have overcome some serious challenges together.

No one else makes sense apart from your other half.

You solve issues maturely and you forgive each other.

You already live together and it is working out so well.

You have similar interests and you don’t bore each other.

You’ve actually talked about getting married to each other.

You’ve been together for a while and you’re genuinely happy.

The sex is still amazing and you’re certain you can live with that forever.



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