what does love at first sight really mean

Most people , if not everyone have heard this expression at least once -“I fell in love with him/her at the first sight”. Now the question this article is about to answer is whether it is actually possible to fall in love with someone the first time you see them.
Love is the ability to tolerate and be with someone despite all their flaws and short-comings. Love is accepting an individual just the way he/she is and given your heart the ability to vouch for them. It is liking someone to the extent of being able to do almost anything for them. Love is an incredibly powerful and constant emotion towards someone.
So is it actually possible to feel this way to feel this way for someone you just saw like 2 seconds ago?
It is a fact that we get attracted to people our brain sense is attractive. It is a normal human nature to like what we see, the outer look of an individual, the physique, the handsome or pretty face, the smile and many other things that make them attractive. So would you say “I‟ve fallen in love with him because of his outward appearance?‟ But that is exactly what falling in love at first sight mean. All you like is the physical and so when the physical is no more there, do you then fall out of love? What if the guy you fell in love with for his really tall look is on a wheel chair a week after cause of an accident that took his feet, so would you still say you love him?
This should tell you love is deeper or should be deeper than just an outward appearance. One major reason why relationships fail is because they fall in love at first glance and it becomes also easy to fall out of love too at once when what they thought was love seize to exist. Loving someone that isn‟t family comes with time, knowledge of each other‟s character and it happens very naturally. You find yourself knowing that no matter what changes, you will still be with them.
It is the ability to see someone as attractive that makes you like them and it is the ability to like them that gives them access to get close to you and like you too. “I love you” is a line that has been used out of context as people do no longer see the true meaning of those words. People who understand the true meaning of love do not fall for everyone that comes along their way; love is an emotion and may be hard to control but the ability to learn another‟s true self will keep that emotion running for a really long time.
Forever is a very long time away, so take your time to know the person you think you want to spend it with and be sure you will love the person even when things are not going as smoothly. Divorce is never the best option as it most times includes people that were never even part of the falling in love process, children who do not need the drama it comes with. So falling in love with someone based on accepting the kind of person he or she is,  is more logical than falling in love with someone at first sight.


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