We always claim to want a better life but we hardly want to make the sacrifices to actually get to where we desire. You may think that waking up and going to work is working hard but it doesn’t stop there. Being a hard worker is also about planning and thinking ahead. In everything you do, it means there’s a certain level of commitment you need to have. There’s nothing that comes easy but just in case you tend to think you’re a hard worker check this list out and see if you actually fit into the description.

 You always procrastinate.

You simply never get to doing things on time. Whether it is submitting CV’s or submitting your projects, you’re a last minute person. When you finally do it, you hurriedly do it and you end up regretting it. Don’t do it a minute later, do it NOW!

 You sleep too much.

Sleeping is good for you with a good number of hours, but over sleeping to the point where you’re forever late for appointments or work, or to the extent that you find it heavy to stand up, this is a problem. Remember, the early bird catches the worm.

 You’re a dirty person.

Hard working person are always neat and tidy, in fact dirty things irritate them and they can never allow their space to be dirty or let themselves go. If you’re hardworking, you have create time to take care of your things.

 You’re easily distracted.

You still till get distracted with your phone and other useless things take most of your time, while your tasks are suffering. Then you are not yet ready to make achievements.

 You are okay with bare minimum.

You’re okay with the money you have and do not strive for more. When you strive for more you only talk about it but do not actively work towards your goal.

 You don’t like competition.

You don’t like being challenged because you are lazy.

 You can never do extra work.

You lack initiative, because of that you hardly do extra work. This lack of effort means you will never really ever get out of your comfort zone.

 You use people to do things for you.

Because doing anything for yourself is too much work so you would rather use people. Eventually when people know that you’re a user they get tired of you and just walk away. Credit: OMGvoice








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