The Importance of a SMILE

Did you know that no matter your outfit, “smile is prettiest thing you can wear”?
Did you know smiling signifies an inner power, telling people “you’ve got your life in control”? You may not have it all under control, no one does but keeping that smile on your face gives you additional courage for each day.
Did you know one smile can make you look more attractive, beautiful, calm and happy all in one glance.
Now, let’s view more relevance of wearing the best outfit- SMILE
1. It makes you look younger: it is a well-known fact that you look younger when you smile compared to when you frown. Smiling ease the wrinkles on your face making you look more beautiful and give you an awesome radiance.
images (28)
2. it’s the most welcoming Gesture: there is nothing as pleasant as meeting someone who loves to smile. It just make you feel very comfortable and interested in making a conversation with him/her
3. You can get that guy or girl you admire: smiling go all the way to make obvious how attractive you are to the ones you love. You’ve got a crush on this guy or girl, learn to smile more- it will give you a more amazing look. People are easily and quickly attracted to people that smile a lot.
4. It shows you are happy: how else can you tell if someone is happy? happy people are known to smile and laugh a lot. So smiling shows people you are happy.
5. It gives you a sense of self-worth: smiling in most cases shows you are courageous and can go the extra mile. It shows you are comfortable with who you are. ‘Frowning’ always gives others a sense of fear and discomfort towards you.
6. A smile is contagious: believe it or not, smiling to that girl behind the class that no one talks to can change her mood throughout the day. Haven’t you noticed people tend to smile back when you smile. That’s beacause smiling is contagious.
unnamed (2)
7. It heals the soul: smiling is a cure especially when you laugh as well. When you put a smile on someone’s face, it isn’t just a facial expression, it comes from within. No matter how little that smile last. You can never know who you healed.
8. It is better than make up: research study conducted by Orbit, discovered that 69% of people find women more attractive when they smile, versus when they’re wearing makeup. So you shouldn’t spend much on make up when smiling can put a better nd natural look on you.
9. You are recognised easily: it is easy to spot a smiling man or woman even from very far away. Your smile gives you away .
10. People who smile live longer: the London University College found out through a study carried out that happy, cheerful people are 35% more likely to live longer. Scientists believe this is because smiling lowers the heart rate and reduces blood pressure, all while relaxing your body.
Of course there are times to take things very serious especially on getting work done. You also have to believe that no work should take that awesome look from you. Smiling is a habit you should cultivate as it will go a long way to explain the kind of person you are to your colleaques, friends and family. Smile is sure the prettiest outfit you can wear.


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