The world itself has made FAME to be all about just a person’s uniqueness, what they are known for and popularity. FAME is more than being popular, it is being popular as a whole looking at our different identity and how unique we are. We’ve all got gifts so we can all be famous for what we possess. Do you ever wonder how the world will be like if every individual value the uniqueness(fame) in the other?
In this universe, fame is just a word but it as a deeper meaning.
A universe where everyone knows each other, what need for fame do we then demand? When even everyone recognise each other’s talent?
Like in the division of labor, everyone is recognised in their aspect of duty.
In the system of my body, the heart might not be famous like the eyes are. In that case, it only proves that recognition has greater importance in respect to fame. Even in the order of the eyes, one ain’t got more fame than the other for they complement each other.
Except one is dysfunctional, in which case the one left, gets all of the fame.
“The thing is, if we but recognise the functions and contribution of the others around, if everyone is relevant to you, then their life will count as valuable too. Also, the confusion and many more unthoughtful acts would be under submission”. 
A step further in understanding will lighten up the case that you only don’t just recognise, you acknowledge too.
Perhaps, then, the monkey wouldn’t have to stride on all fours, just to impress the bat that supervises the activities in the jungle.
Maybe, then, identities won’t be in crisis.
Perhaps, then, the status quo would not be misunderstood.
Fortunately, then, we would be really grounded in ‘WHO WE ARE’ rather than ‘who we should be ‘ or ‘who we are supposed to be ‘ or ‘who they make us be’.
Then we start to enjoy what is ours, our gifts, and put an end to all the unlawful acts going on in the world. An end to kidnapping, rape, murder, terrorism, slavery and so many hurtful acts, as we will learn to be famous and important as individuals.
In this universe, that when you look closely can be a multiverse, fame is just a word.
A multiverse where everyone knows each other, recognise one another, acknowledge each other and respect is not taken for granted.
FAME- We all then are famous individually.


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