Chekwas Okorie, the national chairman of the UPP( United Progressives Party) has proclaimed and declared that President Muhammadu Buhari would be defeated easily in the 2019 elections because of his poor performance and inability to create the change he spoke of.
The UPP chairman believes that Buhari’s performances the last 3 years has been very poor and this will count as a disadvantage against him and will not win the election.
Chekwas Okorie also was tough on his statement to one of the past Preseident, Olusegun Obasanjo due to the statement Obasanjo made warning the President not to go as far as campaigning for the 2019 elections.
Okorie in his reply to Obasanjo’s remark said“Obasanjo is delving into an area which is within the personal preview of President Buhari. To me, the advice comes across as though Obasanjo is being a busy body because it is not his business if Buhari chooses to run or not.
“After all, didn’t he (Obasanjo) want to perpetuate himself in office when he did everything in his power to get a third term for himself? So, he is not in the right position to give that type of advice.”
“The problem is that Buhari as a president has not performed well, but if for any reason, the APC fields him again as their candidate, then all that Obasanjo said would become a campaign issue and even those of us who are not in the party would use it against the APC.
“In fact, I pray that the party presents Buhari as its presidential candidate because it would make campaigns very easy for us, and they would make it easy for the party to be easily defeated”, he said.
At this point, the public is all waiting to see whom the APC puts up as their Presidential candidate and hoping that the 2019 elections will not cause unending hardship for Nigerians.



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