**Did you know the highest rate of unwanted pregnancies come from teenagers?
**Did you know that girls between age 14- 19 have the highest abortion rate?
**Did you know that the majority of teens with unintended pregnancies do not have sexuality education and are not fully aware of contraceptive methods?
**Did you know that unintended or unplanned intercourse is the primary cause of unwanted pregnancies and induced abortion among teenagers in Nigeria?
**Did you know Nigeria has the highest rate of adolescent pregnancy in sub-Saharan Africa?
It is a comprehensive education that enables an individual to gain knowledge on his/her sexuality. This includes one’s emotional relations to different people, one’s sexual activity, sexual anatomy, sexual reproduction, reproductive health, safe sex, birth control and sexual abstinence.
Traditionally, adolescents in many cultures are not given this education by their parents. Nigerian parents are always quick to overreact when they see their children with the opposite sex. They seem agitated to protect their children, whereas what children need is information not protection, as they won’t always be watched by their parents.
**Shyness from the topic as it may sound ‘somehow’ to talk about sex
**No close bond between parents and children and bringing up sex-talk may sound weird
**Parents expect their children to be given sex education in school
**Some cultures see it as a taboo to be close to the opposite sex so until child is matured enough for marriage and that is when the sex-talk is given.
1. To limit the rate of unwanted pregnancies
2. To prevent sexual transmitted diseases like HIV
3. To guard against abortion
4. To help children decide either to abstain from sex or be very much aware of contraceptives if otherwise
5. To prevent misconceptions about sex
6. To guard their reproductive health
1. Be close to your children: parents that are close to their children find it easier to teach their children about sex and children are also to tell their parents what is going on with them as they won’t be judged.
2. Allow your children to introduce their friends and know them: the kind of friends children have go a long way to influence their decision about sex in life. Encourage his friends and talk to them as well on abstinence and only encourage friends that build them up the right way.
3. Discourage young and teen dating especially for girls and give them many reasons why it isn’t necessary.
4. Be conscious and aware of the kind of movies and books your children watch and read: this is because what is read and watched become stored in their subconscious and may be part of them without deliberating allowing them to.
5. Pray for your children: even after the sex- talk, pray that their feelings won’t get the best of them and their choice to mature before dating and know better will be a reality.
Sex education is a very necessary life education that shouldn’t be run away from. Its high time parents talk to their children about it because if this is not done, teenagers have a way of getting information from other sources. Including; internet, peers, movies, etc. but the best and safest education comes from home as parents will talk with care exposing their children to all truths about sex and how to live a sweet life free from all the ache lack of sex education will bring.
So, we should say YES to sex education in Nigeria.


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