There is a post I saw of recent that read ‘if I get to Heaven, I will tell God I have been to Hell already and don’t need any more of it’. Guess whoever wrote that was tired of the ache each day in Nigeria brings. Half of her citizens have given up on things becoming better. Then Nigerians will also tell youwe dey move from one palaba to another, today na bomb blast, tomorrow na herdsmen, everyday na hunger, etc’. Hmmm, the most painful part is everyone points at each other trying to figure out where and when this Country went wrong.
The only choice we have left is to turn these struggles, hunger, suffering, our inability to know what new thing each day in Nigeria brings into inspiration, hoping that we will get to a point where we do not have to look over our shoulders anymore.
What more damage do you want? Saying ‘Nigeria no go ever better’ as never helped anyone. Maybe it’s time to start saying positive things as the majority of the Country is going through a lot of hunger and poverty. Out of our lips, it might not be easy, but bless Nigeria instead.
Nigeria is a country where you can become popular at your street or market place for being a ‘puff-puff’ seller. Unlike many Countries where selling what you make is severely scanned. This should tell you, you do not have to be so broke. Come up with an idea and push it, make money from it so survival becomes a little less hard. You can’t put all hope on job as the unemployment rate is even very high.
**HAVE A FARM LAND- big or Small
This can be situated in your house or around your compound. Learn about some crops that are easy to plant like corn, beans, or rearing poultry. This will serve as an insurance for you in terms of future hunger or lack. Let’s prevent what is likable to happen if things are not going so well. Also, harvested crops and poultry can be sold for money.
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Things won’t always be the way they are, either it gets better or gets worse but we are to hope for a better tomorrow. So do not let today’s struggles take away your joy. Also, no matter how severe what you are going through is, some people are going through worse. And of course, it is also true some people do not even know the meaning of recession. This should tell you that whether you are sad or happy, the world moves on so choose to stay calm and hopeful.
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Know what is happening in the Country, good or bad. You can easily allow or prevent what you are quite aware about. Put your ears out for employment opportunities andother openings that can add benefits to your life. Also be aware when of issues like bomb blast, arm robbery, etc and where it took place so as to preserve you and your household.
There are many other ways to turn our problems into inspirations and hope the ones listed above can help you too.

Credit: raph2c.com

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