Are you thinking about getting a second job? This is never an easy decision. While there are definite drawbacks of securing a second job including all the extra time you will need to devote away from your family, friends, and personal hobbies, you don’t want to overlook the benefits and advantages. After all, you are doing this for a reason, right?

Before you send in your first application, it is important that you realize what you are getting into. Managing a second job, while staying productive in other areas of your life, including your family and primary employment, is not as simple as it sounds.

Here are several tips that can help you better manage a second job:

Be upfront with your new employer

By telling them that you have another job, they may be more willing to work with you in terms of your schedule. Remember, it is important that you leave enough time for your family as well as for periods of rest. You don’t want to find yourself in a rut where all you do is work, eat between jobs, and sleep a few hours a night. Not only are you neglecting your personal and family life in this case, but you are also taking a big risk with your health. The worst feeling in the world is getting “burnt out.”

A second job is only temporary for most people

Generally speaking, the majority of people who take on a second position do so because they have financial goals they are trying to reach. For instance, maybe you are saving for a home and you know that a second job can help you reach this goal sooner than expected. On the other hand, you may be interested in an additional position so you can quickly pay off debt. Remembering that your employment is only temporary will make the situation much more bearable.

Chase after jobs that offer a unique experience

Rather than opt for a position that is similar to your primary job, look for something that will spice things up a bit. Even if the job does not appear exciting on the surface, a change in scenery and responsibility is sure to make things easier on you. You might otherwise get extremely bored if you choose a second job with very similar experiences as your primary job.

Your second job must align with the rest of your life, as well as your goals

For instance, if your primary job requires you to work 9–5, you need to find a position that can be scheduled around this. Maybe you could work 6–10 in the evening? Maybe you could consider a weekend position? Be open to all possibilities, but again, don’t choose a setup that will destroy your lifestyle.

Of course, money should also be on your mind. Even though it is only a second job, you still want to get paid as much as possible. Just like any position, negotiate with your new employer to receive the best possible pay for the job that you will be doing. In short, you must earn enough to make it worth your while. You want to be in a position where you are feeling fully incentivized and compensated.

If you are interested in taking on a second job, the four tips above should help you make the right decisions. Getting a second job may not be the ideal situation, but there are many opportunities out there that will allow you to earn additional money while maintaining your current lifestyle.

Have you had any firsthand experience balancing two jobs at once? Any advice for us or additional points I may not have included here would be welcome!




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