Every lady out there is never too sure of who to keep and who not to allow access into her life. So most women basically always keep their guards up and ready to flee when they can’t deal with the kind of person they might seem to like. But the truth is you can’t know if he is Mr. Right if you are not ready to know him or get close, meaning you have to give him a little trust and let your guards down. It’s okay not to feel the love at first, BUT IF HE’S MR. RIGHT, you  will surely start feeling overly joyed after some time.
1. He can go all way to keep that SMILE on you
If you are not happy and this is a regular thing, my dear, he sure isn’t your Mr. Right. A guy who is in love with all of you will go to almost any point just to keep you smiling anytime he sees you.
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2. An eagerness to see Him
If you are never eager to see that guy you are dating, then no offense, why are you wasting your time? Your Mr. Right should be a boy, guy or man you are into. Someone that keeps that burning spark in you. Someone you know your life doesn’t make much  meaning without.
3. You are yourself and not Faking it
Almost everyone does not like fake people, that is, people who hide their true self. If you are not comfortable with whom you are, how do you expect your Mr. Right to be? Being  fake is one of the biggest kill for relationships. So if you can’t be real with that guy, then he sure isn’t the one.
4. Communication is not so complex
It is easy to talk to people you are very comfortable with cause they already seem like family. So if you find it difficult or you are scared to talk to him, it doesn’t make sense  and he isn’t Mr. Right. You should be with someone you can’t get tired of talking to about how your day went, about how angry you got when they stood you on that queue  for too long, etc.
5. Less dramas, quarrels and fights
If your relationship always keeps you angry, annoyed, confused, wondering what you said wrong, soliloquizing, depressed, sad, etc., then why are you dating? You sure are better off  alone. The last thing a man who is your Mr. Right will want is to keep you sad. Yes, there will be quarrels but it shouldn’t be able to take your joy the whole day.
6. He can Understand your Silence
A man who you always talk to will know when something is wrong when he sees you even without you having to talk. He will know when all you need is a hug. He will know when you want to be alone cause your silence are also words he understands. If you have someone like this in your life, hold him tight cause he has the features of Mr. Right.
7. You learn from Him
Your Mr. Right should be someone that challenges you to be knowledgeable. This is because a good relationship keep you growing and learning together.
8. Your family and friends like him too
The truth is no matter how you want to stand for your guy, you would feel out of place if your family and friends do not like him. If you’ve got good and trust worthy friends, then  they should be able to see why you are interested in Him and if they don’t, they would have their reasons and you should listen.
9. He should inspire you to have your own life 
A good man will not just want you only up in his business. Before you met him, you had your life and he wouldn’t want to dim that part of you. You have dreams too and he sure want to be part of making that dream a reality.
10. You feel very safe
A good man will make you feel safe every way. He would protect you and would have your back always. He can correct you in private but he won’t embarrass you in public. He  will keep your relationship safe too and away from third parties, no cheating.
 He must add value to you and you to him, he must be a true friend in need and indeed, backing you up and supportive. He should be a person with whom one is vaguely or indirectly acquainted.
The truth is relationships won’t be interesting all the time, there might be less interesting moments. So you have to learn to trust your partner and build your relationship to how you want  it to be. There is no perfect man but the above qualities are quite compulsory for a man to have  before you say ‘I DO’.



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