Here Are The Tips!

Besides for actual job experience and references, there are other methods to nail a job interview. It’s all about the way you act, speak, and relate to the interviewer. You want to use your persuasive skills to attract and engage the interviewer in what you have to offer. Just follow these 3 fool-proof methods I’ve used to nail that dream job interview!

Build strong body language with your posture and use power poses

The first thing an interviewer notices is your immediate stance. Your body language and posture says it all. So keep it strong! Do a few power poses in the bathroom a few minutes before to really exude confidence and strength. Keep your arms in the air for at least 5 minutes to gain a boost of confidence. Keep this attitude up all throughout the interview, in the way you sit, the way you shake hands, and the way you make eye contact. The energy you give off while sitting up straight and being fearless in your eye contact will surely blow the interviewer away.  And next, we’ll talk about the way you speak…

Use assertive language and don’t be afraid to practice in the mirror

The next thing an interviewer notices is the way you speak. Now, you want to make this part as natural as possible. You want to build assertive language into your vocabulary, and take out words like  “um” and “like.”   The way to make this kind of language natural is to practice practice practice. Start practicing speaking out loud in an assertive manner with your friends, family, and even to yourself in the car on your long commute.  You’ll start grabbing the attention of your audience in no time. Your confidence will start pouring out of you. And my final tip…

Ask engaging questions by being interested and curious

Last and certainly not least, you want to shift the power roles a bit and start asking questions of your own. Be curious and interested in the company and the person interviewing you. You want to relate to this person on a deeper level, so that you will be memorable. Your goal is for this person to start imagining what it’s like to work with you. Engaging them in a few specific and unique questions will make them believe you’re really invested in the company and position.

Dress smart as possible and be mindful of your colour combinations.

Make some research about the firm to have little knowledge about them.


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