Gone are the days when people saw twin children as burdens or liabilities. These days, many people pray for twin babies and most say they want girls.

It is absolutely true that twin girls are adorable. Most times, they are always identical and beautiful and they have an innate sense of style.

Below are some of Nigeria’s finest twins on instagram.

1. Chidiebere and Chidinma Aneke


The Nollywood actresses are perhaps one of the most popular twins in Africa.

2. Daphne and Valerie Iboi

very pretty ladies.


3. Sayo and Jomi


A combination of beauty with brains.

4. Chantelle and Danielle Piper


So identical, it is almost difficult to differentiate them.

5. Treasure and Tracy Daniels

We could not tell these two apart.

6. Taye and Kehinde Odenusi


They look so so good.

7. Sonia and Sophia Okri

We have got nothing but love for these two.

8. Taiwo and Kehinde Tkresses


So Gorgeous and Beautiful!