“The thing is a writer really don’t have secrets. He tells it all, everything about him is known. But then, that’s his secret. He has as much secrets as he has no secrets“.


” I believe there is nothing bad living luxuriously in modesty“.


2 thoughts on “JUST THINKING LOUD

  1. […] JUST THINKING ALOUD      WISDOM FOR LIFE Ignoramuses! Ya think it’s easy? Having to keep record of how long and when the towels would get filled? Having to worry ’bout how and where I lie down, so I don’t stain places other than me? Having to begin another phase of worry when I need to ease myself because I have to get changed, especially in public places? I go to ease myself and because I’m not feeling all comfortable, I have to change before I head out. Another worry. How many times do I have to change, in a day? Those toiletries cost a lot, people! So, it’s not easy for me to just ‘take care’ of myself. […]


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