A Nigerian man identified simply as Paul has shared inspiring photos of himself bathing his newborn baby. The man who recently welcomed a baby with his wife expressed that he decided to help bath his baby to give his wife time to rest. In the photos shared on social media, the man was seen wearing diapers for the newborn, he also cleaned and dressed the baby up. The new father looked happy and cheerful as he dressed the newborn baby with a bright smile on his face. Photo Source: Gistreel.

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Wow! This man has been commended by a lot of people who were impressed by his post on social media. What he did came as a surprise to Nigerians due to the fact that Africans are not used to the notion that men can do chores and assist their wives at home.

However, many Nigerians still commend fathers and husbands who take their time to help their wives at home with chores.