We laugh out loud suddenly remembering what happened the last Thursday night on a Tuesday afternoon. We sit alone and begin to proclaim things to our self. Yeah what it looks like is that we are talking to our self. Crazy ideas pop in like: help her wash her clothes or help him get that book he needs. Like prepare food for her or support her innocence even when you don’t know her or help him arrange his disorganized things. Without reason-so it seems.
We talk of the invisible like it is visible. We speak of things that are not as if they were(faith). We speak to an unseen being like it’s a lifestyle(believe). We get inspired and do things that,just out of the blue works out.And then,it couldn’t have been thought by any someone else(supernatural).We speak of Grace-a no respecter of protocol. We speak of love-that does beyond, exceedingly,¬†immeasurable, above whatever has been done. We speak of life-you can only live when you give it away. We speak of salvation,whose work has been done by someone whose identity has been laid upon the table for those whose duty is to just believe,to take on. Can you imagine that?
We speak of things eyes hasn’t seen, ears haven’t heard, minds haven’t conceived. But here and now, our voice cry out and we say it’s our new reality. When we think, they are of unusual things of which state we are a substance bounded by time ticking in a different reality and we call it the real deal.
We speak of our findings where we lose something special to us.Like finding His love when we lost our heart to Him. We sing words that are not of this dimension and we call it celestial (hallelujah). We speak of our royalty in a kingdom where we are entitle to its things ’cause we are a part. We call ourselves things that we necessarily might not look like.
Heavens on earth? Who does that?
A new creation? Still in this body, obviously.
And then we speak growing gardens and think flowing colours.
Our brains are sick. But that’s okay.

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