How Igbo man saved my life during the civil war…..


The Plateau state governor has said that his life was saved by an Igbo man during the civil war – He also said that the man who saved his life was his guardian who married his aunt – He cautioned all those beating the drums of war to stop. The Plateau state governor, Simon Lalong, has recounted his ordeal during the civil war between 1967 and 1970. Speaking during the 57th Independence celebration at the national headquarters of the Evangelical Church Winning All in Jos, Lalong said, he was saved by an Igbo man who was at that time married to an aunt of his. Cautioning all Nigerians and those agitating for various reason, the governor said, it is only a person who did not witness the civil war that can beat the drums of war. “The memory of what happened to me when I was three years old is still fresh in my mind; an Igbo man who was my guardian that married my aunt was killed; but before he was killed, he took me and locked me inside a room. “That memory is still fresh in my mind and anybody who is beating the drums of war has not seen it,” Lalong said. He urged the federal government to be ready to address the cry of marginalisation and injustice across the nation. He said true federalism should be adopted by the federal government if it will solve the growing agitation in Nigeria. He further called on all Nigerians to work together towards the unity of Nigeria. “In the midst of the clamour for agitation and restructuring, Nigeria still stands strong in unity. “I am sure that if a referendum is conducted on whether Nigeria should break up or remain united, those who want the country to break up will not be up to 10 per cent,” the governor added.

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