In the course to ease transportation system within Abuja, the urban mass transport buses has started operation again after the last ballistic bomb blast in the park at Nyanya which claimed a lot of lives.


People are still terrified to board the buses at the park because of the last experience, they still don’t feel safe.

Since the new operation began, the Abuja Urban Mass Transport Company management decided to conduct a search on individuals coming into the park to board the buses. However, this did not last.

Before now, the passengers in the bus do question the drivers and the touts, why they pick passengers outside the park who were not searched before boarding the bus. It also looks like there is no takeoff time in the morning regardless the bus been filled up or not.

The management need to set up a standard to meet world class system in transportation. The number of private cars in the country can be reduced and a higher tax placed on the users, due to population congestion that may occur in the future.


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