Mysterious disease outbreak has killed over 50 people in Kogi state…


A recent mysterious disease outbreak in Kogi state has killed many people. The government and the people has raised alarm to seek solutions to tackle the outbreak.

The state Commissioner for Health Dr Saka Haruna said information reaching
the ministry shows that unknown disease has continued to claim the
lives of some children and adults for the past few weeks in Koloke,
Okuna, Isanlu-Isa and adjourning Hausa-Fulani communities, all in
Yaba-West Local Government Area of Kogi State.


“So far, about 62 people have been killed by this mysterious disease.
When I visited the affected communities with my team, samples taken
from some of the victims were sent to Federal Teaching Hospital Irua,
Edo State, for definitive investigation, which turned out to be
negative for Lassa Fever.

“On arrival at the community, we interacted with the locals and
samples were taken from their water sources and food supply. It was
discovered that the people affected showed common symptoms including
abdominal pain, vomiting and stooling. Few of the patients however had
Hematemesis and Hematochezia.

“Those found still manifesting the disease were transferred to Kogi
State Specialist Hospital for proper management where an empirical
diagnosis of Food Poisoning to rule out Gastroenteritis was made.They
are, however responding well to the instituted line of treatment. ”

Dr Haruna, however, said Governor Yahaya Bello, has expressed deep
concern over the incident and has directed that all the patients be
treated at no cost and also charged the State Ministry of Health to
conclude investigation within the shortest possible time and prevent
further spread of the disease.

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