Sonnie Badu awarded in United States…


The Ghanaian Gospel Singer Sonnie Badu has received great honors in the United States by being presented with the key to the city of Brooklyn, New York.
The year 2017 certainly seems to be a good year for Ghanaian gospel artist with Joe Mettle winning the VGMA’s Artist of the Year, and now Sonnie Badu being present with the Key to the City of Brooklyn, New York. Sonnie Badu.

The Key to the City of Brooklyn was not the only honor Mr. Badu received that night. He received a Dr of Divinity by CICA International University and Seminary Houston, and also the UN Ambassador CDSE (Commander of most Distinguished Order of Special Envoy).

Speaking in regards to the awards he received, Mr. Badu said, “Never went to university, but determination held my hands. Today, we have written 15 books, and God has honored us… The world has honored us, America has honored us, and Africa has honored us,” he said, seeming overwhelmed with joy. “I am still reading about the new office I have assumed and meehhhnnn. All this, over 21 years in ministry has been worth it. The pain, the hurt, the accusations has been worth it.” Having received the honors, Mr. Badu spoke to viewers and readers, saying, “No test no testimony….now to you reading this …..I declare to you, that you will be next in line for God’s elevation…..H.E. Dr S Badu C.D.S.E.”

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