Nollywood actress Mercy AIGBE was heavily beaten by her husband their present matrimonial situation.

Howover, the Lagos state commissioner for women affairs and poverty alleviation, Lola Akande, has revealed how disheartening it was to see actress Mercy Aigbe’s condition when she came to her office to report what she went through in the hands of her estrange husband, Lanre Gentry.

Akande told newsmen that the actress was coughing blood with bruises on her face and other parts of her body when she came crying for help.

According to Akande, “She was coughing blood from her nose and mouth and she had injury on her face which the doctor said she must have an operation.
“I was so angry that I need to see the face of the man that did this to her, and so we invited him and he came yesterday (Tuesday) to say his own side of the story to the official in charge of domestic violence.

“But any man that can beat a woman to a pulp like that to the extent that she is still coughing blood one week after the incident needs to have his head examined.”
She said the Lagos state government had secured a restraining order for Aigbe from any further abuse by her husband.


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  1. Any MAN born of a WOMAN who beats a girl,lady or women is a mad man who needs to be remanded in ARO in abeokuta…..that fool of a man called Aigbe should have his head checked ….please men lets START USING OUR KIDNEY TO THINK…..BASE OF GODS WISDOM


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